8. INnoVation vs Curious

This match occurred at the IEM Qualifier Asia for StarCraft 2 in 2013. In 2013 Curious was considered one of the toughest Zerg players because of his unpredictable attack timings and incredible army control. INnoVation is a highly adaptable player, Terran master, and had a lot of experience facing Zerg players. This match demonstrated the incredible importance of scouting. It’s not enough to search the front of your enemy’s base , knowing every single building the enemy has and even number of drones he has can be the difference between winning and losing . All of this can tell you where the opponent is headed and how to counter it. The biggest lesson from the game is how important micro control of your army is. Curious was able to split his army, attacking INnoVation’s main base at the same time as attacking at the front lines creating two fronts. INnoVation was unable to keep up with constant harassment losing the first game. In the second game INnoVation’s adaptive skills kicked in. He was able to out muscle Zerg units and kite the pesky Mutalisks winning the second game. The third game was played on Bel’shir Vestige where INnoVation wins the game with his famous early rush.


Source: Battle Net


Source: Battle Net
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