For those familiar with the Corsair line of keyboards the K65 LUX RGB is the little brother of the famous Corsair K70. The Corsair K65 LUX RGB has a solid brushed aluminum body with Cherry MX Red keys. Each key is individually back lit and can be programmed to reproduce an almost endless amount of unique illuminations. The K65 LUX RGB is the little brother to the K70 because unlike the K70, it lacks the number pad as well as a volume wheel. This makes it a good option for those who have limited desk space or who take their keyboard traveling with them. The Corsair K65 LUX RGB comes with a detachable wrist rest that is constructed from soft touch plastic and improves the ergonomics of the keyboard. The cable on the keyboard is a thick and stiff covered in a braided nylon that makes it very durable. Unfortunately, the cable will require the use of two usb ports on the back of your computer. The keyboard makes of for this by providing usb pass through which can be very convenient. The big problem for me though is the fact that the cable for the keyboard is not removable. This means that barring some DIY fix if you break the cable you are out of luck, and I can tell you from personal experience the cable on any electronic device is almost always the first thing to go.

RGB Lighting

One of the coolest features of the K65 LUX RGB is the back lighting. Using the free Corsair Cue software you can create endless lighting profiles for your keyboard. You can create custom profiles for every game, you can sync your keyboard lighting to music, you can even give your keyboard a ripple lighting effect (my personal favorite) and harness all the over 16 million colors in the RGB spectrum. For some examples see the video above.


Cherry MX Red Switches

For those who are unfamiliar with mechanical keyboards there are some distinct advantages and disadvantages to using a keyboard with mechanical switches. The switch is the mechanism under the key caps on your keyboard that detects when you press a key. There are several different mechanisms for this including mechanical switches, rubber dome or membrane switches, and scissor switches. Mechanical keys are the best in terms of durability, different options for tactile feedback, and they generally feel the same on the first and millionth press of a key. The disadvantages of mechanical keyboards are that they are expensive, heavy, and generally very loud (when you press a key). The K65 RGB Keyboard includes Cherry MX Red switches which are mechanical switches. Cherry switches are widely considered to be the best switches on the market and are in my experience more reliable and consistent than other mechanical switches (I had a mechanical keyboard with outemu switches but the actuation force required to press a key was not consistent so I ultimately switched to Cherry switches). The K65 Lux RGB uses the red variant of the cherry switches which are generally considered the best type of mechanical switches for gaming while switches like the blue or brown are considered better for typing.


The K65 LUX RGB keyboard is an incredible gaming keyboard. There may be bigger keyboards with more macro keys but if you are looking for a compact keyboard with great mechanical switches and amazing RGB lighting the K65 LUX RGB is unbeatable.


  • Cherry MX Red Switches
  • Amazing RGB Lighting
  • Solid construction with well built cable
  • Corsair Cue software
  • USB pass through


  • Cable is permanently attached
  • Cable uses two usb ports

I give the K65 LUX RGB a 9/10.

Build Quality
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