World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a massive multiplayer online game. It combines real time game play with strategic tank warfare. This tanks range in origin between the WWI to past WWII. There are over 150 Soviet, American, British, German, Japanese, and French tanks to choose from. Since being released in 2010 it has attracted over 12 million players daily and over 45 million active accounts. This beats the League of Legends which only has 35 million. World of tanks was also one of the first games to focus purely on armored warfare and they made a name for themselves by recreating tanks with incredible accuracy even replicating the weak points in their armor.

One of the best things about World of Tanks is that it is free to play. Like many other online games, it has in game purchases which require you to spend real money. You can buy tanks, currency special ammunition, repair kits etc. All of these can give you an edge in battle. That being said almost everything you can buy for real money you can earn for free by spending time playing the game (with the exception of premium tank) that wins that although there are in game purchases the game is definitely not pay to win. Each tank has a different set of strengths and weaknesses which means that to be successful with the different tanks you need to use them differently. I really enjoyed playing with the soviet tanks because although they are slow they pack a punch and can take a tremendous beating. There are tanks to fit almost every play style. You can be a fast and maneuverable tanks that runs circles around the enemy, you can use a medium tank to reach far in to the enemy lines with pretty good and firepower, you can go big with the heavy tanks to muscle your way to the victory, or you can be a sniper with the long range mortar tanks.


It’s all about team work and strategie

World of Tanks is also a very team focused game. Being a lone wolf Rambo style won’t get you anywhere if you want to win you have to focus on team work. You need to communicate with your team because it is all about strategy. Some light and medium tanks cannot penetrate the armor of the bigger main battle tanks so you will just have to spot them and hope a team mate takes them out. The game has a nice variety of maps and locations to play in and the terrain plays a very important role in the game. If you place your tank in some natural cover and place yourself at the right distance to your target you can devastate the enemy team because you will be able to constantly hit them while all of their shot are either bouncing or missing entirely.

World of Tanks is a great game but there are still some aspects that could be improved. One is graphics. The graphics are actually quite good but if you don’t have a high end computer you will have to turn the settings down a lot. This could be fixed if the developers spent more time optimizing the game allowing less powerful setups to run it properly. Another possible issue people may have with the game is the fact that to earn anything without spending money takes an incredibly long time. This may turn people off of the game quickly but if you can make it through the grind it is worth it.

Over all this is a fantastic game

They did a phenomenal job maintaining historical accuracy while still providing a modern twist. The grind process will keep you coming back for more as you unlock new tanks and new gear for them. Because the game is so popular all over the world matchmaking is easy and quick providing almost no barrier to actually entering the game. World of Tanks is now hosting tournaments with prize pools over $250,000 meaning that there is also a healthy competitive scene. If you love real time armored warfare and you want awesome historically accurate tanks then world of tanks is the game for you.

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