With the largest Counter Strike tournament ever taking place recently and Counter Strike growing in and out of the eSports realm there are more and more player picking up Counter Strike. Here are a few tips that with help a seasoned veteran or the freshest noob.

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First: Figure Out Your Settings

In Counter Strike it is very important to run at at least 60 frames per second. This is partially because the servers are 64 tick meaning they communicate with your pc communicates with the servers and partially because I find that frame rates much lower than 60 fps start to hurt my eyes. In Counter Strike fractions of a second matter this is because an enemy with a higher frame rate will may be able to see a few pixels that you couldn’t or see you a split second faster and trust me that can make all the difference.

Second: Practice A Lot

I’ve put over 660 hours into Counter Strike Global Offensive and I am still Gold Nova 4 (the middle of the pack) and I have multiple friends who are getting close to 2000 hours. This game is incredibly demanding both mechanically and mentally and there are a lot of things that you will have to learn to get better at the game. You will have to learn how to think and react dynamically in any situation you encounter and the only way to do that is to practice and put in the time. It may seem daunting but trust me it is worth it.

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Third: Watch Streams

A lot of pro players and former pros stream regularly on twitch. They give a lot of invaluable advice and watching how they dissect and think about the game can be incredibly helpful in learning how to position yourself and how to use information to try to piece together what the other team is doing. Another thing to watch are the constant Counter Strike matches being streamed. They are often commentated by someone who makes a living from analyzing and dissecting professional play. You can learn a lot from watching the best of the best and hearing their games broken down.

Fourth: DM

This is one thing that that some people neglect but any pro will tell you they spend a lot of time in Deathmatch servers.  Because there is no down time and you can use any gun you like death matches are the perfect way to improve your aim and learn the way that all of the different guns behave. These servers can’t teach you strategy or positioning but none of that matters if you can’t hit the enemy.

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Fifth: Learn From People Who Are Better Than You

Try to find someone who is a higher level than you and Match make with them. It will suck at first as you will be absolutely crushed by the opposing team but it will also allow you to learn things very quickly. This is a classic example of learning from your mistakes and trust me you will make a lot of mistakes.

Sixth: Learn to use the M4 and the AK

The M4 and the AK are the most powerful and cost effective weapons in the game. When you reach higher levels of play you will notice these two guns being used almost exclusively when someone has the money to purchase them. Even if you plan on AWPing there will be a lot of rounds where your team is buying and you can’t afford one so you will have to know how to use the rifles as well. Learning these weapons means mastering their spray patterns so that you can control where their bullets are going and that will mean a lot of practice in a death match server.

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Seventh: Lower Your Sensitivity

Most pro players use insanely low sensitivity and huge mouse pads. This is because on a lower sensitivity a movement of the same distance will produce a lower movement on screen. This means that you can be much more accurate in game. This will take some getting used too however as you will have to make much larger movements with your mouse to achieve the same movements on screen, but it will vastly improve your aim.

Eighth: Learn the Maps

You will need to learn the maps. You will need to know where the bomb sites are, how many entrances the bomb sites have, where people commonly hide within the bomb sites, where you spawn on each side, how long it takes to get from one part of the map from another, how far you can hear from in common areas, and what the names of all the spots on the map are. The last one is especially important because you have to be able to communicate with your team and tell them where an enemy is etc.

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Ninth: Get and Use a Mic

Communication is one of the most important parts of playing Counter Strike. To communicate and play effective you need to be able to talk to your team mates and that means having a mic. If you want to get better at the game drop the money and get one. Trust me it’s worth it.

Tenth: Learn When to Buy and When to Save

Managing your economy is a must if you want to become decent at CSGO. You have to know how much it takes to buy effectively and you have to be conscious of how much money your team mates have. You have to buy together or else your chances of winning each round will decrease drastically. This also means knowing and keeping track of how much money the enemy team has.

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Eleventh: Learn to Use Grenades

Smoking or flashing key areas of a map could easily be the difference between winning and losing a round. There are tons of videos out that that show you how to throw smokes and flashes from all over all of the different maps so watch them and then practice them so you can use them in game.

Twelfth: This is NOT Call of Duty Do Not Reload After Every Kill

Learn how many bullets it will take you to kill someone and try to not reload unless you are below that number unless you know you won’t be peaked. This is very important because in CS it is incredibly easy to kill someone who is reloading and reloading takes a significant amount of time. So only reload when you are safe and if you run out of bullets in the middle of a fight switch to your pistol and use that it is much faster than reloading.

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Thirteenth: Be Patient

Almost every map in the game is advantageous for the counter terrorists. This is because the CT’s can wait for the terrorists to push into them and use crossfires and superior positioning to win rounds. This meant that when as a CT you push aggressively you can be giving up your advantage so try to be patient and hold sites.

Finally: Don’t Rage

The number one way to get better at Counter Strike (in my humble opinion) is to not rage. I don’t care if someone just rushed the entire enemy team with their knife out don’t yell at them and call them a noob or whatever other creative names you can come up with. I promise you it will not help you win. We all go too ham sometimes or do something stupid and getting yelled at when you make a mistake sucks. That is why when you rage and yell at someone you are less likely to win. That player at best will play at the same level and at worst will start feeding or go afk. Instead you can try to be constructive and say something like “hey guys we need to all play more conservatively” or something of that nature that won’t insult or upset someone. I promise if you do this it will drastically increase your win rate and you will get commended much more often. The easiest way to do this (and yes I know it sounds cheesy) is to ask yourself if what you are about to say would upset you or whether it would be helpful to you. If it is helpful, then say it: if it’s upsetting, don’t.


GLHF all and hopefully I see you in game


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