Corsair Mouse

The Corsair M65 RGB is an incredible mouse that builds off of the stellar design of the standard M65. The  Corsair M65 RGB sports a metal unibody design with three external plastic panels. The mouse had a clickable mouse wheel, two right thumb buttons, a dpi up and dpi down button (allowing you to essentially increase or decrease sensitivity), and a dedicated sniper button (deceasing sensitivity while the butoon is held.). The mouse also features removable weights and 3 customizeable RGB lit areas. Because of its design and the placement of the buttons this is a right hand only mouse so be aware of that before purchasing it.



Corsair Specs

The mouse is capable of running from 50 dpi all the way up too 8200 dpi and there is onboard memory which allows you to have your custom profiles with you wherever you go. All of the eight buttons can be customized to perform any function with corsair’s proprietary software. The mouse also features an adjustable polling rate but for most purposes I would advise against messing with that. The cable on the mouse is a very nice braided cable that has definitely stood up to a lot of abuse (it has survived many vicious assaults from a cat) and will last well for a long time. The mouse performs incredible well it is flawlessly responsive and has no noticeable lag. The only fault I can find with it is i would have preferred a different finish on the top of the mouse. It can become slippery if your hands start sweating during a long gaming session.


All in all the  Corsair M65 RGB is a stellar choice for a gaming mouse and i would even go so far as to say it is easily one of the best choices for any shooter. If you want to play a MOBA, RTS, or MMO however you may want a mouse with more programmable buttons, but the M65 RGB will undoubtedly still serve you well. You can Buy The Corsair Gaming M65 PRO RGB Here


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