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The Golden Rule:

The number one way to get better at League of Legends (in my humble opinion) is to not rage. I don’t care if your support just dove the entire enemy team don’t yell at them and call them a noob or whatever other creative names you can come up with. I promise you it will not help you win. We all go too ham sometimes or do something stupid and getting yelled at when you make a mistake sucks. That is why when you rage and yell at someone you are less likely to win. That player at best will play at the same level and at worst will start feeding or go afk. Instead you can try to be constructive and say something like “hey guys we need to all play more conservatively” or something of that nature that won’t insult or upset someone. I promise if you do this it will drastically increase your win rate and you will get commended much more often. The easiest way to do this (and yes I know it sounds cheesy) is to ask yourself if what you are about to say would upset you or whether it would be helpful to you. If it is helpful, then say it: if it’s upsetting, don’t.


The number one most important (and interestingly enough the number one most undeveloped) skill in League of Legends is farming. You have to be able to last hit minions. In games everyone is focused on kills and towers but keep in mind a kill is only worth about 10 cs or a wave and a half. You can very easily recover from a kill deficit if you can farm better than your opponent. One of the best ways to practice last hitting is in a bot game. I know bot games aren’t very fun but the give you a place that you can practice farming without people getting angry at you and without the pressure to win. Also something to note is that different champions have different damage values and attack animations so if you want to become good with a champion you need to practice last hitting with that champion. Just because you can farm well with one champion doesn’t necessarily mean you can farm well with any champion.



Buy pink wards, if you are a support buy a sight stone but most of all keep up your ward coverage. The price of wards may change but their value will always be priceless. Having an information advantage is an incredible way not only to protect your team but also to get an advantage over the enemy team. Did the enemy jungler just recall on a ward. You can quickly take dragon or safely counter jungle. Wards let you do so many thing and take advantage of the enemy teams movements and mistakes that without wards you would never have any knowledge of. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost a game because my team neglected to ward baron and the enemy team takes it and gets a game winning push. Information from warding is invaluable so ward more and you will win more.

Watch the Map:

Warding can only do so much for you to benefit from a sight advantage you have to pay attention to the map. You can be pushed out far in lane and have complete ward coverage and think “oh I’m safe” but if you don’t keep one eye on the map you might not see the enemy jungler coming. Also do not depend on anyone to ping that their lane opponent is missing. It is important and you should do it but don’t rage or blame your death on someone else if they don’t ping. You could just have easily have looked at your mini map and seen that they were gone.

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Adapting to Your Situation:

Take every opportunity to take an advantage or to hold your advantage. This sounds obvious but I have been in many situations in which the whole enemy team shows up in one location on the map and all of my teammates will head to that location to try to defend the tower, contest the baron, etc. Instead try to trade something for it because you will always be behind if you only react to the actions of the other team. Another big thing is pushing advantages when you secure one. If you secure an advantage in lane widen the gap by zoning your lane opponents off of cs or push the lane in then roam to try to help a team mate get ahead as well. Also always try to keep vision on neutral objectives. These objective have just become more and more important over time and can mean the difference between winning and losing a game. Know when to go for and contest these objectives and you will be much more likely to win.

Don’t Depend on Someone Else:

If you die in lane and the Jungler has not ganked for you don’t blame that on the jungler. I guarantee that as a jungle main myself I will be much less likely to gank for you. If you die you made a mistake and it is not the junglers fault. However, feel free to ask for assistance just realize that a jungler might have something else in mind that they may think will impact the game more. Most importantly however don’t blame others for losses. If you do that you won’t improve. Try to think about what you could have done better and do that in the next game and then you will get better over time.


Builds and Champions:

Learn to play a variety of champions a variety of ways in every position. Especially now you never know what position you will have to play so be ready for anything. This will also help you if a couple of champions in the position you are playing get banned you will still be able to play effectively as another champion. As far as builds being able to be flexible with what you build and memorizing more than one effective build will allow you to adapt to your situation. AP ekko might be fun but sometimes you will need extra tank on your team and you may need to be able to adapt to that.

Give Your Carries Kills:

To be effective and output the damage that your team will need to win the game your carries need to have extra resources devoted to them. That means that no matter how much you want a kill if one of your carries is in range and is able to get it let them have it. The gold will be much more effective on them and it will help your team snowball the game. However, do not take this to the extreme if you think someone is going to get away kill them don’t risk the loss of resources for your team.


99% of the battle is being willing and trying to improve. If you’re here you’ve already got that so good job. Just remember that raging makes the game less fun to play for everyone so try not to do it.


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